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Maisie Peters’ ‘The Good Witch’ Deluxe Album Tracks, Ranked

Maisie Peters’ The Good Witch deluxe album is here just in time for Halloween. Peters is beloved by fans for her master lyricism and witty pop hits. After coming off The Good Witch U.S. tour and opening for Ed Sheeran’s Mathematics tour, Peters is now finishing up her tour in the U.K. and Europe. Sheeran has taught Peters well in the ways of topping the charts. The Good Witch went to No. 1 in the UK, and Peters became the youngest British female solo artist in nine years to achieve this accomplishment. I’ve been a huge fan of Sheeran since I was 11 years old, and I was lucky enough to be introduced more to Peters’ music by the musician. Signed to Sheeran’s Gingerbread Records, Peters has been taking the world by storm this past year. 

Now, The Good Witch deluxe album is finally here, and it’s filled with even more deliciously clever lines. The relatability and vulnerability shown in this album are what makes it special. From breakups to tour memories, it’s a special witch’s brew of pop magic. The six new tracks truly make the record complete. Here’s a full breakdown, along with my ranking of the new songs and my favorite lyrics from each.

“Truth Is”

The truth hurts, and so does this song. Sometimes, the person you give the most love to doesn’t deserve it. Peters had to be her own savior because her ex just didn’t make the cut. As the album comes to a close, Peters reflects on her relationship in this heartbreak-filled track. 

Top three lyrics: 
“Time will heal. But I’ll always be a little bit broke.” 
“Truth is you were the blow behind the bruises. You weren’t in love, but I think I confused it.”
“You played a bitter game of musical chairs.” 

“The Last One”

Peters pulled a Taylor Swift and ended her album with a track title referencing it was finished. “The Last One” is a sweet song about being there for someone until the very end, even if they may not deserve it. She references so many of her other songs in this one, and it’s just a great way to conclude a fantastic project. 

Top three lyrics: 
“If you’re the Syd Barrett of the band, I’m the girl on the train tracks holdin’ your hand.”
“Halfway to the moon on a plane you couldn’t land. But I’ll believe in you, still your number one fan, baby.” 
“You were seeing castles, they were seeing sand.” 

“The Song”

As someone who also never gets over anything, I relate to this song a little too much as well. Peters references growing up in previous songs on the album, like “Coming Of Age” and “Wendy,” and as she says in “The Song,” when he’s not the one, it’s time to move on. She even took to X to share that she thought the first verse of this song was one of the best she’s ever written. Music is my life, so having the time limit of this song to get my life together is honestly very helpful.

Top three lyrics: 
“Like how to see that everyone is not poetry.” 
“I could reach out but it’s your turn and it’s your sh*t (And I should call it).” 
“You’re gonna want me the minute I’m done with the end of the song.”

“Holy Revival”

We just need to talk about how genius it is for Peters to go from “History Of Man” to “Holy Revival.” She went from being sad over a man and ending the album to reviving it and being more confident than ever. As Peters said, who Andrew is doesn’t matter, “it’s what he represents.” The guy never matters. Give your ex a “little wave, a little smile,” and leave him in the dust. 

Top three lyrics: 
“My ex was a bitter man, middle child.”
“And I have two friends. I listen to them like the Bible.” 
“Good luck, Godspeed. Now I’m in my holy revival.”

“Guy On A Horse”

This song is like a bigger and madder older sister to “You’re Just A Boy (And I’m Kinda The Man).” It’s super tongue-in-cheek and such a girl anthem. Referencing the famous Elle Woods line confirms this one is for the girls. Barbie would have sung this to Ken if she wasn’t so nice. Maisie can’t keep it in anymore, and honestly, neither can I. 

Top three lyrics:  
“Cause I’ve played Wembley Stadium, like, is that hard?”
“Got this far but I’m Joan of Arc. And you’re just a guy on a horse.”
“I think you wanna start a war. I’ve got bigger battles.”


This one is for fans of The Beatles, but don’t misunderstand them like Maisie’s ex. As someone who is an avid playlist-maker and music lover, this song feels like it was written for me. The answer is always in the playlist, people. Just make sure you’re getting the right message. 

Top three lyrics: 
“I gave you the answer, it was in all the songs (did you even listen to the playlist?)”
“It’s a shame I told my journal and my mirror but I never told you.” 
“Sometimes you can’t be the hero and tell the truth.”

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