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Laura, Jeramey, and Sarah Ann from \'Love Is Blind\' Season 6
Laura, Jeramey, and Sarah Ann from \'Love Is Blind\' Season 6
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Let’s Talk About Laura, Jeramey, & Sarah Ann’s Love Triangle On ‘Love Is Blind’

Spoiler Warning: Spoilers for Love Is Blind Season 6 follow. The recipe for a perfect reality TV show, IMO, is quite simple: there needs to be love and also drama. If you feel the same way, the odds that you’re a Love Is Blind fan are likely. On Feb. 14, Netflix released the first six episodes of Season 6. On Feb. 21, the next installment (episodes 7-9) was released and let me tell you, those episodes were surely worth the wait, especially if you were wondering what was going to happen between Laura and Jeramey. 

Season 6 of Love Is Blind is off to quite a successful start. There were five couples who left the pods engaged, and things seemed to be going smoothly at first. However, fans of the series know that things can turn sour pretty quickly, and it’s looking like one couple who started off pretty strong might be hitting a big roadblock: Laura and Jeramey. 

Laura and Jeramey got engaged to one another in episode 5, met each other face-to-face, and then vacationed with the other couples in the Dominican Republic. Despite how lovey-dovey these two were, things get a little awkward in episode 6.

Jeramey and Laura from Season 6 of \'Love Is Blind\'

During a party on the beach, Jeramey told AD that Laura wanted him to “bean dip” her. This makes everyone around very uncomfortable and doesn’t sit well with Laura, who joked about this with Jeramey in private. After being made out to be the bad guy, Jeramey tells Laura he’s ready to go home. 

In a sneak peek for the following episodes, viewers see that Laura and Jeramey have a conversation wherein Laura finds out Jeramey was hanging out with Sarah Ann (another girl he dated in the pods), until five AM. Yikes! Now, viewers know what happens, and it’s safe to say things don’t look good for this couple. 

In episodes 7 and 8, things between Laura and Jeramey were going pretty well. They have similar living styles, had good conversations, and seem to be on a good path. However, in episode 9, things took a big turn. 

When Jeramey was meeting Laura’s parents, Laura explained how Jeramey was dating another girl in the pods, aka Sarah Ann.

Jeramey and Sarah Ann definitely had a strong connection, and, despite Srah Ann knowing Jeramey left the pods an engaged man, she DMed him on Instagram saying, “If you’re not sure about your choice, I would appreciate meeting up with you.” Jeramey liked the message, but did nothing more than that. However, things got messy later in the episode. 

During a heated conversation, Laura confronted Jeramey about his whereabouts the night before. He was out with other male contestants from the show, and did not get home until 5 AM the next morning. Somewhere in the mix, Sarah Ann saw Jeramey out and about. The two of them talked, and eventually, ended up sitting in a parking lot together for hours. Though Jeramey said nothing happened between him and Sarah Ann that night, Laura was convinced he was lying, because she had his location, and was checking it to see where he was. She mentioned that Jeramey was in fact at Sarah Ann’s home, or at a location close to where she lived. 

The conversation ended with Laura walking away saying “I want out!,” and Jeramey didn’t say anything. In the trailer for the following episodes, viewers see Sarah Ann telling AD, “[Jeramey] told me he was breaking everything off, and I was like ‘Okay.” Things look like they are going to get beyond messy moving forward. 

At the moment, we don’t know if Laura and Jeramey will make it to the altar, or if they are even together at this point. However, what I do know is that Laura is a queen, and she won’t let any of Jeramey’s antics go unpunished. 

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