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Lose the Freshman 15: Break from a diet

I didn’t hold myself back this weekend, and for the first time in a while I ate whatever I wanted. 

This weekend my diet was nonexistent. It was my sorority’s formal and I wanted to enjoy myself. This included pizza, chips, bite-size brownies and even some sweet potato fries. I know. I was bad. No, I didn’t eat all of this in one night, but each of these junk foods made its way into my stomach throughout the course of the weekend. 

And with no access to the gym, this meant no exercise. Double whammy. 

But to be honest, I don’t feel the least bit guilty. Once in a while it’s OK to overindulge a little. The reality is food is a part of socializing. I enjoy food. I prefer to eat healthy food, but sometimes it’s not an option. I know I could have had a little more will power and ditched the chips, but I didn’t. 

Despite eating an excessive amount of junk food, I still felt great in my formal dress. My body isn’t going to change drastically after one or two nights of occasional junk food. I know I work hard in the gym and run on campus at least six days a week. I deserved a break. 

I left my diet at home formal weekend, but the second I returned it was back to the gym. I pushed myself just a little harder knowing I had to work off my poor food choices. 

And that was satisfying enough for me. Indulging this weekend didn’t affect my performance at the gym. It didn’t make my breathing heavier or my ab workout more difficult. It was like my routine never changed.

It was a special occasion and I allowed myself to enjoy it. I believe it is healthy to indulge once in a while as long as you commit to only indulging on special occasions. 

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