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Lose the Freshman 15: Baking without eating

Tonight my mom asked me to bake chocolate chip cookies. 

I told myself I would bake the cookies, but I wouldn’t eat them.

Well, I discovered that it is very hard to bake without eating. Especially when cookie dough is involved. 

I didn’t actually eat a cookie, but I only didn’t eat one because I was too full from all of the dough I ate while I was baking. And trust me, this wasn’t a diet cookie. 

I did my best to avoid eating the dough, and I told myself I would have just one taste, but one taste turned into five tastes, which probably means I ate a couple cookies. 

I didn’t feel good about myself after eating all that dough. I felt like my workout this morning had gone to waste. 

However, I can’t look back. It’s done. There is no point on dwelling on it now because it’s already going through my system. Now, I have to look forward and get back on my healthy eating track. 

Yes, I slipped up. It happens sometimes. We are human. 

Tomorrow, I will push myself a little harder on my run. Summer is here, and I will definitely be making a few trips to the beach, and I want to continue to feel confident in my bikini. 

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