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Looks Like We’re Finally Getting A Plus-Size Female Superhero & I’m So Excited

We live in a world that’s dominated by superheroes—well, at least our movie lives. It feels like every few months we’re racing to the theater to see yet another installation of the respective Marvel or DC universes. (And can you blame us?) Shortly after Deadpool 2 blessed us with a plus-sized superhero, we might get a plus-sized female superhero in the foreseeable future, Variety reports. 

For some of us ladies, it’s been difficult to identify with the current women superheroes. Not in their determination or their strength, but in the way that they look. You know the adage “Not all heroes wear capes”? Well, not every hero has a size two body.

Thankfully, according to Deadline, plus-sized superhero, Faith Herbert (aka Zephyr), is making her way to the screen. Yes, really! And it has the potential to be great because they hired Maria Melnik of American Gods to pen the script, Uproxx notes. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Faith (though you should totally familiarize yourself quick because she’s badass), Faith starred in her titular comic book series, Faith. Aside from her superhuman ability of levitation which allows her to glide through the sky (i.e. fly, among other things), something we’re still jealous of, Faith is also an immensely powerful poison. That’s right: move over Emma Frost Charles Xavier because Faith can soar over her psionic counterparts, literally. Aside from her levitation and subsequent side effects from her levitation, Faith is a hyper-relatable character—especially since she’s a gloried pop culture fangirl, just like us.

Well, sign us up!

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