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The “Looking For A Man In Finance” TikTok Trend May Be The Song Of The Summer

Watch out, Espresso, because there is a new song of the summer, and it’s all thanks to a silly joke on TikTok. On May 1, TikToker Girl on Couch (@girl_on_couch) took to the app to share the new song she made — well, kinda. It’s more of an idea for a song, basically a few lyrics and a sick beat, and she encouraged other creators to take the early stages of her idea and turn it into a song. And with that, the “I’m Looking For A Man In Finance” TikTok trend was born.

The original video is so simple, but so fun. In it, Girl on Couch is facing the camera and says the following lyrics in a monotone voice: 

I’m looking for a man in finance, trust fund, 6’5, blue eyes/ 

Finance, trust fund, 6’5 blue eyes/ 

I’m looking for a man, I’m looking for a man, I’m looking for a looking for a, looking for a, looking for a/ 

finance, trust fund 6’5 blue eyes/ 

finance, trust fund, 6’5, blue eyes 

She’s basically repeating a few lyrics over and over, in a beat reminiscent of an EDM song. And you know what? It works — it really, really works.


Can someone make this into an actual song plz just for funzies

♬ original sound – Girl On Couch

The text of her video is a question for her followers, “Did I just write the song of the summer?” (Which, yes.) But it’s her caption that really kicked off the trend; it says, “Can someone make this into an actual song plz just for funsies.”

Early commenters on the OG video who resonate with the lyrics patiently waited for a DJ to remix the lyrics. One commenter wrote, “Tag me when they add the track. This is going to be my summer jam.” Someone else said, “If it was wrong it wouldn’t be so catchy.”

The DJs of TikTok did not disappoint. Soon, TikTok started being populated with remixes of Girl’s song.

DJ and producer Tensteps (@tenstepsofficial) took to TikTok with a techno-rave remix of the song. This remix earned the comment, “I would eat this up at the club.” And you know what? Same.


I hope you find your 6’5 blue eyed finance man with a trust fund 🥹 and i hope you play this at the wedding @Girl On Couch #remix #funny #techno #rave

♬ original sound – Tensteps

Another remix, by prodlmx (@prolmx) took a more house-feeling approach to the song, which is definitely a vibe. 


Saw this vid from @Girl On Couch and had try a quick remix lol #remix #basshouse #fisher

♬ original sound – prodlmx

Henry Gao (@henry_gaoo) also took the house route with his remix saying, adding in the highly requested “Welcome to the Hamptons” line with a beat drop. 


#stitch with @Girl On Couch WELCOME TO THE HAMPTONS BABY!!! The people have spoken.. lets make this an official song??? #music #musicproduction #housemusic #houseremix #finance #ableton #ravemusic

♬ original sound – Henry Gao

Girl on Couch may have a hit on her hands with these remixes. Who knows, maybe one of these will be on a streaming service soon. Regardless, can someone let me know when Girl on Couch finds her man in finance? Her song is low-key a mantra.

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