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Links We Love 8.29.10

  1. The 50 best websites on the web. Perfect list to visit if you need to procrastinate. [Time Magazine]
  2. 20 cool Twitter accounts to follow for daily humor and inspiration. [Mashable]
  3. Like “I Hate College” by Sam Adams? It’s an amazing parody of “I Love College” and this song is even better: “Tab’s Open.” [You Tube]
  4. What’s the number one thing people look for in a romantic partner? [Glamour]
  5. It started with dating, now the next matching you can do online is roommate searching with these companies! [The New York Times]
  6. Planning on dressing up like Lady Gaga for Halloween? Here are the costumes with her stamp of approval! [Holidash]
  7. Gendered differences between Vermont Teddy Bears. [The Society Pages]
  8. Lessons to be learned from last week’s Jersey Shore episode. [Entertainment Weekly]
  9. The seven inconsistent things in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air [Funny or Die]
  10. Something to think about when considering locations of internships and housing for next summer! [The Examiner]

BONUS! Twitter-er We Love: [HerCampusStyle]

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