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Links We Love 8.15.10

  1. Tricks that will enhance your gmail experience. [Techland]
  2. Designer Betsey Johnson doesn’t let turning 68 get in the way of her ability to have fun (and look young!). [New York Magazine]
  3. Botox as a teenager!? What’s up with that? [The New York Times]
  4. Pants that grow as you fill your stomach…seriously? [The Huffington Post]
  5. How would you feel about being proposed to like this? [Jezebel]
  6. Entourage fans — Team Ari or Team Lizzie? [Fancast]
  7. Ways to pay for college when cash is limited. [CNBC]
  8. A hero to everyone who hates their job. [The Chive]
  9. Would you gamble on your grades? [Time]
  10. Apparently your personality is set by first grade. [Yahoo]

BONUS! Joanna Buffum writes an awesome review of Robyn’s comeback tour — which she also blogged about on the Writers’ Blog a few weeks ago! [MTV Iggy]

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