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Links We Love 4.11.10

  1. If for some reason our guide to getting a last minute internship fails, try these five summer business ideas and show off your entrepreneurial spirit! They are realistic and profitable! [University Dude]
  2. Yale students are now officially prohibited from having sex with professors. [Yale Alumni Magazine]
  3. Hysterical video sent to me by Heather Rinder. “This is the saddest I’ve seen anyone get over not being a ‘Single Lady.’ Poor kid.” [The Huffington Post ]
  4. Hysterical directions for writing a Nicholas Sparks’ movie. [Cracked]
  5. The rise of self-reported lesbian and bisexual identities among young women. [Psychology Today]
  6. The truth about his crazy ex-girlfriend. [Cosmopolitan]
  7. Imagine if your school gave you a refund if you didn’t have a job after graduation. Sounds crazy right? Well one school is giving it a shot. [Time]
  8. A personal favorite article of mine — college students bringing stuffed animals and security blankets to college. [The University Daily Kansan]
  9. Female athletes help redefine standards of beauty. [The New York Times]
  10. Is Hollywood going overboard with the 3D movies? [Moviefone]
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