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Links We Love 3.14.10

Is it Spring Break yet? Are you just coming off that Spring Break high? Or maybe you’re dying for a vacation. Well HC has got you covered for any spring break anticipation or woes you may be suffering from with this week’s Links We Love featuring extra videos for those who need a reading break!

  1. Gennifer Delman approved music! “This amazing Vampire Weekend video from the set of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” features Joe Jonas, Lil Jon, and Jake Gyllenhaal. The song is addicting, and the video is no different!” [You Tube]
  2. In memory of Corey Haim, a field guide to child stars who unfortunately succumbed to drugs. [Gawker]
  3. Sophie Jasinski shows us what is quite possible the cutest fan video ever—a 3 year old who is OBSESSED with Justin Bieber. [You Tube]
  4. As a huge Pandora fan, I can say I’m delighted they didn’t sink into the Internet abyss. [New York Times]
  5. This adorable video makes me miss my dog so much. [You Tube]
  6. Potentially yummy, but crazy looking donuts. [Bon Appetit]
  7. Heidi Montag finally makes light of her plastic surgery procedures in this Funny or Die video. [Us Weekly]
  8. Discrimination lives on in the South. Just a few years ago we were hearing about segregated proms, and now a Mississippi prom has been canceled because a homosexual student requested to bring a girl. [CNN]
  9. Which cartoon characters make the most money? [Huffington Post]
  10. A little bit of history about last night’s daylight savings. [Yahoo! News]
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