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Links We Love 1.23.11

  1. Four Loko had no FDA warning on their cans. But here’s the warning they should have given everyone who consumed the “blackout in a can.” [Grub Street]
  2. 10 things to hate about Facebook. Fun fact: Did you know that 75% of Japanese people don’t know Facebook exists? Whoa. [The Cornell Daily Sun]
  3. Tall, Grande, Venti, and now Trenta! Starbucks debuts an even larger sized drink! [The Gothamist]
  4. 10 do it yourself snacks — all for 100 calories. And no, these are not boring snacks! [Fit Perez]
  5. Six words you should never utter on a first date…[How About We]
  6. Did you learn a lot during freshman and sophomore year? New studies say students show little gains in learning during the first two years of college. Ouch! [Time Magazine]
  7. Which boy band is taking a cue from Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block and reuniting? Hint: One member is too cool to rejoin. [TMZ]
  8. 8 misconceptions college students often have about money. Pay attention! [Fox Business]
  9. HC writer Nancy Mucciarone gives us the 11 healthy lifestyle changes we can make right now! [The Real College Guide]
  10. The six worst ways to chose a career! [US News & World Report]
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