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Links We Love 10.3.10

Happy Sunday! Check out what HC writers are absolutely loving this week!

  1. Mmmm a tasty treat for the fall. [The Impulsive Buy]
  2. Texting bans aren’t making our roads any safer. [Time]
  3. For people who have trouble making decisions (and let me help you with this one…click the link!) [The Wall Street Journal]
  4. 10 places to visit while you’re in college. I think I only made it to half…sad. [College Candy]
  5. Pre-law students: read the top 10 mistakes you most often make on your application. [US News & World Report]
  6. The best of beauty. [Allure]
  7. Turn your iPod into an iPhone…say what? [The New York Times]
  8. What TV show does teen pregnancy justice? [New York Magazine]
  9. Everyone is saying The Social Network defines this generation. But for those who disagree here are five reasons why it doesn’t. [Moviefone]
  10. The classic candy debate. Some candies you just can only love or hate. [Baltimore Sun]
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