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Lili Reinhart Revealed Her First Impression of Cole Sprouse & It’s So Relatable

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse may have yet to confirm their romance (even though there is definitely some major evidence that they are), it’s safe to say that the two Riverdale actors really like each other. However, according to a new video interview with Glamour Magazine, it looks like it wasn’t always that way, with Reinhart revealing that Sprouse didn’t exactly make the best first impression on her.  

The cast of Riverdale participated in “friendship exercises” in an interview with Glamour, and revealed their first impressions of each other. Sprouse and Reinhart admitted, through their first impressions, that they weren’t always fond of each other.

“I thought his voice was annoying. I was like, ‘That guy’s got an annoying voice.’ And now it’s grown on me, I guess,” Reinhart said of Sprouse, smiling.

Sprouse, meanwhile, admitted that Reinhart was a “tough egg to crack,” adding that she didn’t open up to her castmates right away, Just Jared reports.

“She’s very shy at first and reserved. I think it was about halfway into the first season she started letting people in truly,” Sprouse said of Reinhart.

While the two actors’ first impressions of each other might not have been the best, the (probable) couple said that they now have the utmost respect for one another, Hello Giggles reports.

Their answers are so touching and heartwarming, so now is your chance to grab some tissues.

Reinhart said she admires Sprouse’s passion for art and photography, saying, “Cole is one of the smartest—the smartest person—that I’m friends with. He’s incredibly passionate about art, about photography, about acting. And I really admire that.”

Sprouse returned the compliment, saying that Reinhart was very nurturing and has a way of making those around her feel better.

“Maybe your mother inspired this in you, but you are by nature a caretaker and an extremely nurturing person,” Sprouse said. “You just want to make people feel better and help people get through whatever they’re getting through.”

The actor went on to say that Reinhart “inspires excellence out of everybody she works with,” and inspires him to be a better person.

Aww, you two!

Riverdale returns on October 10th on The CW.

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