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10 Libra Season Memes That Are Just *Too* Accurate

Well, it’s that time of year: Libra season is quickly approaching on Sept. 22. ICYMI, Libras are known for three main things: learning, communication, and balance — Libra’s symbol is a scale, after all. More than that, Libras are also known for their social butterfly status and incredible sense of humor… which makes Libra season memes some of the best out there.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with the zodiac, I’ll let you in on all things Libra. While I am not a true Libra (you’re talking to a Scorpio over here), I am a Libra rising and take great pride in that. I need something to balance out my mystery. Libra season starts on Sept. 22, and makes its presence known until Oct. 23, when the sun moves into Scorpio.

While Libras seem to be the most popular of the zodiac signs, just like every other sign, they have their shortcomings. Libra’s tendency to be the peacekeepers and always be seen as well-mannered and warm-hearted can turn them into conflict avoiders, and sometimes even pushovers. Also, while they are great listeners, they often can feel unheard, dissatisfied, and struggle to balance themselves — even though they are so good at doing such things with others. However, Libras are always down for a good laugh, and that’s why I absolutely adore them despite it all.

So, as we get ready to say “goodbye” to Virgo season and all its intensity, I’m looking forward to some fun and bubbly vibes to kick off autumn — and it wouldn’t be a celebration without a couple of memes, right? 

Libras are overthinkers, and that’s ok.

Same, Millie. Same.

Constantly worrying? It’s a Libra thing.

Hey, maybe they just need some reassurance.

Libras love to read… into everything!

For them, it really is that deep.

Libras are the masters of revenge.

Someone play “Maneater,” ASAP.

A Libra’s love life is all about balance!

There’s nothing wrong with being indecisive, babes.

Healing for a Libra looks… different.

Honestly, same.

A true Libra will never let you know their next move.

Work smarter, not harder.

Here’s the ultimate challenge for the Libra in your life:

The impossible choice.

I love Libras just as much as Libras love Libras.

So true, bestie.

But… please just let me know how you actually feel.

Seriously, I’m not a mind reader over here!

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