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Leo Skepi’s Comments About Size Inclusivity Are Totally Unacceptable

I’ll just cut right to the chase: Leo Skepi, I thought you were better than this. ICYMI, on April 8, the content creator, whose platform prioritizes self-love, motivational videos, and mental health, posted a video talking about size inclusivity in the clothing industry, and it’s safe to say that his take has TikTok heated. 

Skepi isn’t afraid to speak his mind and often offers some tough love to his fanbase. However, people think he took things a little too far in his latest video, which has since been deleted. Essentially, Skepi made a video saying that if a brand does not carry your size in something, it doesn’t give a person grounds to talk negatively about said brand. He supported this argument by saying, “[Brands] are allowed to make things for the people they want to make them for.” 

Now, here’s the thing. He’s not necessarily wrong. There are brands that cater to certain sizes, body types, and figures. However, he didn’t make that clear in his video, and that’s where he really missed the mark. It seemed like Skepi was implying that you’re not allowed to be upset or frustrated if a brand doesn’t carry your size in something, and people think he’s specifically calling out the plus-size community. 

He continues to explain his point, saying that he used to think the clothes he wore before losing weight were not flattering on him, but he said the reason for this was because his body was not flattering. Of course, that’s how he feels personally, so I won’t judge him for that. However, Skepi then said,“If a piece of clothing is not flattering on you, it doesn’t mean the item or product is not flattering or is not good. It is not made for you.” Yikes! 

It’s safe to say that a comment like that does not go over well, especially on TikTok, where the video gained traction quickly. Several TikTok creators stitched the video and responded to Skepi’s comments, and there’s more and more of them coming out by the minute. 

TikTok’s “big sister” Drew Afualo, known for creating videos reacting to sexist men on TikTok as well as being one of the best advice-givers out there, responded to Skepi’s video with one of her own. While she did not explicitly state who she was talking about, it was clear she was addressing Skepi.

In her video, posted on April 8, she talked about the abundance of comments she was receiving from people asking her to take a stance on Skepi’s statements. 

“If y’all see something happen on this app, that you know for a f**king fact I have spoken out against and I genuinely do not support and never  f*cking have, there absolutely no reason for you to ask what my thoughts are on it,” she said in the video. “You should  f*cking know what my thoughts are on it.”  

She added,“The subject of fatphobia is constantly discussed on this app. A lot of times in a way that is unhelpful and unproductive.” 


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Remi Bader, another TikTok content creator who always keeps it real, also responded to Skepi’s video, saying it was a “very freaky take because why do you care so much.”  

Skepi has since posted a follow-up to his original TikTok in which he addressed his statements. However, there are still lots of responses to his claims on TikTok.


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At the end of the day, we should all just focus on positivity, and support and uplift those voices who are advocating for inclusivity!

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