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Leaders in Spirit

Within any school, whether it is a small private school, or a big university, school spirit is a huge aspect of a team’s success. School spirit not only motivates, but it entails a sense of pride in being a part of tradition. At Oklahoma State, being a Cowboy goes way beyond just wearing the color orange. It goes back when this great state was just starting out on its own. Many trials and errors had been put forth in creating this wonderful school that is known all over the world now. Oklahoma State holds many stories- stories of depression, but mostly stories of success. This is why school spirit is so important within a school. It goes way beyond the classroom. A school is a community in which a group of people share the same passion in order for their school to be the best they can be! At OSU football games, not only can you see the passion, you can also sense it! Everyone a part of the Orange County will say that OSU is the only and best way to go! With this attitude and encouragement, this is what leads to success as the school as a whole.

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