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Lea Michele Expertly Interrogates Taylor Lautner About Taylor Swift

We all *knew* Taylor Swift’s “Back to December” was about Taylor Lautner, but it’s always nice to be proven right. 

Our suspicions were confirmed by the glorious Lea Michele, during a Facebook Live chat to promote the new season of Scream Queens. Between Lea, Taylor and John Stamos, it was Stamos who broached the subject, gently prodding Taylor by suggesting that he has “dated quite a few girls.” Lea wasted no time, adding, “You dated Taylor Swift. I remember that.” 

Lea then mentioned that T. Swift wrote a song about their relationship. It looks like Lautner couldn’t take the pressure because he finally interrupted Lea with the words we’ve been waiting to hear since 2010: “It’s called ‘Back to December.'” 

The life-altering convo takes place shortly after the 9:00 mark.

Of course, Taylor Squared is far behind us now. But “Back to December” will live on forever. 

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