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The Last ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Table Read Will Make You Cry

We knew this was coming, but Pretty Little Liars has been bae for the last six years and we honestly aren’t ready for this show to end. Turns out the Liars aren’t either! Yesterday Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson and Sasha Pieterse got together for their last table read and ugly cried as much as you would expect. Even though they still have 15 more days of filming, the reading was an emotional overload for all of them. 

Afterward, Lucy Hale posted an epic selfie of the Liars (some of them wearing sunglasses because of too many tears) saying how “this show started and ended with friendship” and she’s “not ready to say goodbye.” SAME. 

However upset we may be, the girls did drop some hints about what’s to come. Ashley Benson shared a behind-the-scenes shot of the girls waiting in a police station which could mean anything. Literally, our questions our endless. 


Only two more episodes to film with my girls  #PLL

A photo posted by Ashley Benson (@itsashbenzo) on

PLL will be showing its final 10 episodes in April 2017, which means we at least have a little bit more time before our world explodes. 

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