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11 Last-Minute Corny Halloween Costumes That’ll Make Your Friends Laugh (& Groan)

Did spooky season sneak up on you this year and leave you scrambling for last-minute costume ideas? While the Halloween section at Target might have low stock right now, and it’s probably too late to find something on Amazon, that doesn’t mean your costume is doomed. These last-minute corny Halloween costume ideas not only require little to no effort to put together — they’re also so clever that it’s scary. Plus, there are multiple ways to approach these creative and punny costumes — you can dress them up with glitter makeup and fishnets, or go the comfortable route with a T-shirt and pants. 

It may not be too obvious what you’re dressed up as at first glance, but the second you explain your costume to anyone who asks, you’ll be met with laughs, groans, and comments of, “Wow, I wish I thought of that myself!” And the best part? It’s almost guaranteed that no one will pull up to the party in the same outfit as you. That would be a nightmare! Here are some of the best corny Halloween costumes to wear this year!

ceiling fan

Grab a white shirt and write “Go Ceilings!” with a sharpie. See what I did there? 

bumble bee

Wear a striped yellow and black shirt, or pick up a generic bee costume from your local Spirit Halloween. Then, add a name tag with some facts about yourself and a reminder to swipe right. 


Draw on all of Posty’s face tattoos with an eye pencil or face paint, then find a loose white dress or sheet for the “ghost” part. 


Dress up as a Spice Girl of your choice, then use prosthetic makeup and a gray wig to make yourself look elderly. 

ice spice

Get an inflatable and transparent suit that looks like a jar, and color the bottom to make it look like there’s cinnamon or paprika inside. Carry a glass of ice cubes with you, and voila! 

white claw

All you need is a pair of, well, white claws.

fantasy football

In honor of my hubby this year, momma is the fantasy football fairy! 🤣😝 #HappyHalloween #OhNo #halloween2020 #halloweencostume

♬ Spooky, Scary Skeletons – Andrew Gold

Grab your favorite sports jersey and throw on a pair of fairy wings (or a set of accessories that any mythical creature would wear). 

the friend zone

What’s scarier than a witch, bat, and spider combined? Being friend-zoned, of course. Wrap caution tape around yourself, and find a picture of an orange construction zone sign online. In Canva or Photoshop, replace the word “construction” with “friend,” then print it out and carry it with you! 

Lionel Messi

Wear a lion mask and wrap a bunch of trash bags around yourself. (Get it? Because trash bags are messy?) 

Bruno Mars

Dress up as Bruno from Encanto, but wear a solar system hat with your costume. An astronaut mask could work, too, as that reps the planet of Mars just as well. 


Literally just dress up as an ear of corn — it doesn’t get much cornier than this. 

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