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Lady Gaga Protested the Presidential Election Results Outside of Trump Tower

Early this morning, Lady Gaga protested the presidential election results in front of none other than Trump Tower in New York City. Gaga is a known advocate of Hillary Clinton. She helped the Clinton campaign, headlined Clinton’s final rally and stopped at nothing to portray the message that we are #StrongerTogether. 

But come Wednesday morning, Gaga was perched on a sanitation truck, holding an American flag and a sign that read “love trumps hate,” another one of Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogans. The pop star had spent much of Tuesday night backstage at Clinton headquarters for the nominee’s election party. 

At a Democratic rally earlier this week, Gaga said in reference to Clinton, “She kept going and she kept fighting for women’s rights. She kept fighting for the care of our children. She kept fighting for those that are in need.”

It’s clear that Lady Gaga isn’t giving up spreading Hillary’s message. We applaud her bravery, feminism and perseverence. Much like Clinton, she is a role model our girls can look up to.

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