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‘Lady and the Tramp’ Is Getting A Live-Action Reboot & I Can’t Wait To Watch

It’s time to let your inner child out, because Disney is blessing the world with yet another reboot of one of their classic films. As E! News reports, a live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp is officially in the works and scheduled to debut next year. If watching Emma Watson shine as a real-life Belle in Beauty in the Beast wasn’t emotional enough, the nostalgia is sure to take over when Lady and Tramp’s love story is resurrected.

Walt Disney Productions released the animation in 1955, and director Charlie Bean will give the film a second life during the coming year. As Hollywood Reporter notes, producer Brigham Taylor is looking to complete the project for the expected launch of Disney’s online streaming service in 2019. The film will be based on Andrew Bujalski’s script, while Jessica Virtue and Chaz Salembier will oversee the production for Disney.

Also in the works is a live-action remake of AladdinThe Lion King and Mulan, along with a live-action Star Wars TV series. As Disney owns all Star Wars, Disney, Pixar and Marvel-branded productions, their streaming service is sure to give Netflix a run for its money. Though the cost of the platform has yes to be determined, I would happily offer my entire life savings to relive my childhood through the 21st century version of any classic Disney film. 2019 can’t come soon enough.

Courtney is a Pop Culture Blogger for Her Campus National and contributor to the Her Campus Marist College chapter. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications, is an avid feminist and eventual professional journalist.
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