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Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly Ready to Return to Her ‘Normal Life’ After Giving Birth to Her Daughter

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t spent the majority of the last 48 hours since Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy and birth announcement keeping up with (or rather, catching up with) her last nine months since she went under the radar after rumors surfaced that she was pregnant. (Raise your hand if you’ve already watched her adorable pregnancy video more times than you can count?) 

Luckily, it sounds like, despite a brief and understandable break from the usual spotlight, we’ll be starting to see a lot more of Kylie now that she’s officially a mother.

According to a source that spoke to People, Kylie, “is relieved that her baby girl is here so she could share her ‘secret.’ She is looking forward to being out and about more,” the source said. “She wanted her pregnancy to be low-key, but she misses parts of her old life.”


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Hopefully, this means we can start to prepare ourselves for an end to Kylie’s hiatus on her signature outfit posts, and can look forward to actually seeing her (and Stormi!) on the Kardashian Christmas card next year. However, for the time being, the source also adds that Kylie’s just looking forward to resting and being a mom.

“For now, she wants to rest and bond with her baby. But she is also excited about eventually getting back in shape and going on dates with Travis. She says that she is ready to return to a more normal life.”

TBH, I’m just glad we’re no longer in suspense, and that I don’t feel the need to analyze every Kardashian Instagram post like a trained member of the CIA. Meanwhile, I’ll just go back to watching Kylie’s “To Our Daughter” video for the sixteenth time.

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