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Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Her Insecurities & Whether She’d Ever Get Plastic Surgery

Roast Kylie Jenner all you want for her lip injections, because that’ll never change the fact that her lips are what inspired the incredibly successful Kylie Cosmetics line. Every makeup guru seems to rave about Kylie Lip Kits, and it’s not just because it’s Jenner’s line. These kits are actually good!

In an interview alongside sister Kim Kardashian West for Evening Standard magazine, Kylie spilled the tea about why she started the makeup line. The interview is surprisingly personal as Kyle proves that there’s nothing for her to lose by telling the truth.

“It came from an insecurity and I turned it into something. I was insecure about my lips, and lipstick is what helped me feel confident,” Kylie explained.

The story is actually kind of bittersweet. Kylie’s insecurity over her lips wasn’t even self-inflicted. People constantly pushed questions about her lips until 2015, when she admitted to getting temporary lip fillers. But, this all did help bloom a business that Kylie really resonates with. It hits close to home, and Kylie found a way to transform her insecurity into something that can help make not only herself, but others confident as well.

From what we know about Kylie’s journey throughout the past few years, she went from having thin lips to having full-sized, bombshell-status lips. It was a pretty stark contrast, and Kylie couldn’t give the credit to overdrawing her lip liner anymore. In September 2017 during an episode of Life of Kylie, she revealed that she was insecure after a boy assumed she’d be a bad kisser because of her thin lips. But what do boys know anyway?

Kylie says that after that moment, she “…didn’t feel desirable or pretty.” 

Getting lip fillers is obviously something that helped boost Kylie’s confidence and inspired an entire makeup line that is iconic to today’s generation. As for other future procedures, Kylie isn’t looking to get anything else done but has no problem with anyone else doing it if it makes them feel better. We love a judgment-free queen.

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