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Kylie Jenner Dissed The Snapchat Update In A Tweet — Then The App’s Stock Lost $1.3 Billion

Are we really still surprised at how much power the Kardashians and Jenners have anymore?

Just like all of us, Kylie Jenner isn’t a big fan of the new Snapchat update, which has garnered less-than-favorable reactions in the form of everything from angry Tweets to literal petitions to revert to the old format. Snapchat so far hasn’t budged on their stance about the redesign, but maybe they’ll reconsider now that Kylie’s had her say.

The makeup mogul and new mother tweeted on Wednesday that she doesn’t even open the app anymore — which, for her role in a family that uses social media for a living, is a pretty damning statement. And the impact of that simple Tweet was huge: Snapchat’s stock went down by six percent, losing about $1.3 billion. I’ll repeat that again: $1.3 billion!

Like I said, we should no longer be surprised by Kylie’s impact (she does have 24.5 million followers), but this is still pretty impressive. It’s unclear so far whether this will have any effect on Snapchat’s response to angry users, but the general reaction toward the redesign has already been hurting them — negative app reviews mean negative financial results. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Kylie doesn’t seem to be as mad as everyone originally thought, though: she sent out a second Tweet just over 10 minutes later that referred to the app as her “first love.”

I, for one, think Kylie could use this super-power for social media good: maybe next she can take on Instagram and make them bring back chronological timelines.

Erica Kam

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