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As A K-Pop Stan Myself, I’m Obsessed With These Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner as the month of October approaches. It’s my favorite time of year because not only do I get to watch my favorite spooky movies and sip Starbucks fall festive drinks in between classes, but I also get to plan out my Halloween costume ideas. 

When thinking about fresh outfit ideas, I considered drawing inspiration from K-pop. As a fangirl of the genre, who has witnessed the dressing culture at concerts, I’ve noticed that other fans tend to dress up in stage and music video outfits from their favorite K-pop artists or groups. It made me wonder why I hadn’t tried out any ideas for my Halloween costumes. Many K-pop music videos include the group or artist dressed in intricate and stylish clothing that are either intended to help represent the theme of the music video or to add to popular fashion trends of the time. By replicating different looks from some of the most popular K-pop music videos, it might give you a unique edge during the Halloween season and even be an original idea at Halloween parties/events. Here are my top K-pop costume ideas you can try this Halloween — it’s never too early to start planning!

1. Ateez’s “Hala Hala”

Starting off the list with one of the more complex K-pop costume ideas you could definitely rock this Halloween is Ateez’s attire from their “Hala Hala (Hearts Awakened, Live Alive)” video. “Hala Hala” is a b-side track from their 2019 EP, Treasure EP:2: Zero To One, and it portrays the group in a dark, almost mysterious outfit concept. The members are dressed entirely in black in the video, complete with long black trench coats and Fedora hats. What makes the group’s look stand out are the accessories, which include chains and necklaces draping the suit, as well as the black masks the members are wearing. I think some fun twists on this style could include some black gloves, your fave pair of Doc Martins or combat boots, and even wearing a red top instead of all black to add a burst of color.

2. (G)-idle’s “Queencard”

On the other end of the style spectrum, (G)-idle’s Y2K-inspired track “Queencard” provides a brighter and livelier aesthetic that would make you a total star at your next Halloween party (pun intended). “Queencard” is a summer song inspired by the 2018 film I Feel Pretty and other teen dramas popular in the 2000s. The costumes in the music video are a clear homage to famous Y2K wardrobe fads, with dangling earrings, jeans, and glittering tee designs. I think member Shuhua’s dance floor attire perfectly showcases “Queencard’s” vibe! She is dressed in a denim dress with frills at the hem. A brown belt at the waist and chest area finishes the look, and she accessorized the piece with a huge heart locket necklace. The style is simple but fashionable, and it is very easy to duplicate for a Halloween costume.

3. Le Sserafim’s Chaewon’s “Antifragile” live stage outfit

This dress concept is rarely shown in Le Sserafim’s “Antifragile” music video, but member Chaewon’s look can be seen during live stage performances of the song. The “Antifragile” style has a snowy/wintery feel to it as she wears a white fur hat with a white crop top and a white cardigan. A silver ruffled mini-skirt, white boots, and polar bear paw gloves accentuate the look! This style is totally iconic and would make your Halloween costume shine this spooky season!

4. New Jeans’ “OMG” bunny outfit

Since NewJeans’ release of “OMG” in Janurary 2023, I haven’t gone a day without seeing someone duplicate the classic bunny look. The outfit is straightforward, but it has a bubbly style that will brighten up the Halloween atmosphere. To get the look, wear your favorite graphic shirt—preferably a white crop top—with baggy denim pants. It’s that easy! To accessorize, simply wear a stuffed animal bag (I’m thinking of using my Sanrio backpacks) and either a bunny ear cap or style your hair in pigtails. You’ll also want to cut a beanie to allow your pigtails to go through it.

5. The Boyz “The Stealer” 

The single “The Stealer” by The Boyz provides a more sexy and added glam Halloween costume option. “The Stealer” is the title track of the group’s 2020 EP Chase and involves the members dressed as heist/robbers trying to steal their fans’ hearts (I’m sorry for all the song puns). While there are 11 members to select from if you want to duplicate a specific outfit for the music video, a basic suggestion would be to wear tight black leather pants, a black leather jacket, and a red undergarment top. Pant chains and chained necklaces could be added as accessories. A fun wardrobe element in the “The Stealer” music video comes from member Hyunjae, who is seen sporting a white long sleeved button-down shirt underneath a black vest. The long sleeved shirt is decorated with pink/red lipstick markings, which might be a creative variation to give attention to the music video’s theme.

6. Red Velvet’s Joy “Feel My Rhythm”

The music video for Red Velvet’s “Feel My Rhythm” has a beautiful,Victorian era style and the costume look is a novel idea to try this Halloween! Joy’s attire is nearly identical to the rest of the members’, however it is a white ruffle dress with beads on the hem. A black lace corset is worn over the garment. The dress has laced flowy sleeves and is paired with black knee high boots. I suggest wearing ribbons in your hair to accessorize! 

7. Nayeon’s “Pop” Butterfly outfit

During the June 2022, Nayeon from Twice’s solo release of “Pop” had a hold on K-pop stans, and what better way to bring the famous single back than by recreating outfits from the music video? While Nayeon had a range of looks in the music video and live performance that would be ideal for your Halloween costume, her butterfly piece is one of my favorites that is also very easy to replicate! All you need is a butterfly-shaped crop top, preferably in a light denim color, paired with denim jeans. You might add waist beads and a delicate chain necklace to make the look even more unique. Nayeon could also be seen wearing black fingerless gloves with this outfit.

8. &Team’s “Firework” (Korean Ver.) live stage

While &Team is technically a global group, they promote and release songs in Korea through Hybe Labels, which also houses some of the most popular K-pop groups such as Seventeen, BTS, and Enhypen. The group’s most recent release, “Firework,” featured a schoolwear idea that would be perfect for Halloween. While wearing school uniforms as costumes is not unique to K-pop, the group has worn a variety of school uniforms during their live performances. Their outfits typically include navy blue pants with a matching blue and orange embellished school wear jacket. If you want to personalize the look, swap out the blue pants for a blue or khaki mini skirt! 

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