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Is Kim Kardashian Using Instagram to Hint at Her Daughter’s Name?

Kim Kardashian has kept pretty quiet since the birth of her third child by surrogate on Monday. While she did publicly announce that her new baby girl had arrived, they have yet to mention a name or show any photos of her.



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But on Wednesday fans started to guess the name when Kim posted an uncaptioned photo of the Louis Vuitton logo. She had also recently posted a picture of trash cans — covered in numerous Louis Vuitton logos.

In the comments, people theorized this was some kind of clue. People thought maybe she was naming the baby Louis or Louise. Other popular guesses were some variation on “LV West,” like “Elle Vee” or “Elle V.”

While naming their child after a fashion house seems exactly like the kind of thing Kimye would do, the seemingly random Instagram post probably has more to do with the recent announcement from Louis Vuitton that the artistic director of men’s wear, Kim Jones, would be leaving the position. He served as artistic director for seven years, and this upcoming Fall 2018 runway show will be his last, Vogue said.

So really, the new little girl’s name could probably be anything. Knowing these two, they’ll come up with something cool AF.

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