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Kendall Jenner’s Secret Phobia is Creepy AF

When thinking about celebrities, Kendall Jenner is basically as cool as you can get. Sometimes, we aren’t even sure that she is actually a human at all! (I mean, have you seen her legs?) Well now, we now know that that’s not the case. 

Recently, Jenner announced on her website/app that there is one thing that actually makes her just like everyone else—fear. Jenner revealed that she suffers from a phobia called trypophobia, the fear of tiny holes in weird patterns. Chances are, you do too (Googling the term isn’t for the faint of heart).

The model wrote, “anyone who knows me knows that I have really bad trypophobia” and things that set her off are “pancakes, honeycomb, or lotus heads.” According to People, this is actually a very common fear that many people don’t even know they have. 

On her app, Jenner also revealed that “I can’t even look at little holes—it gives me the worst anxiety” because she has no idea what could be in there. Okay, same, actually.

Isabel is a currently the Evening & Weekend Editor at Her Campus and a student at New York University in the Global Liberal Studies program with a concentration in Contemporary Culture and Creative Production. When she is not watching Gilmore Girls or playing with puppies at the local pet store, she spends her time freelancing for numerous publications about celebrities and life. You can find her work on the websites of Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Seventeen, Elle, and Buzzfeed. Follow her on Instagram at @isabelcalkins.
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