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Selena Gomez Dropped The Mic On Those Drew Taggart Dating Rumors

Selena Gomez is not one to let things slide. After a rumor started swirling this week about her apparently dating Drew Taggert of The Chainsmokers, the Only Murders in the Building actress made a statement via her Instagram Story, which she has since deleted. She got straight to the point, though, bluntly saying, “I like being alone too much #IAmSingle.” Mic drop.

This news comes after a week of reports from multiple sources about Gomez and Taggart. For one, Us Weekly “revealed” on Jan. 16 that the two were a couple, but that they were trying to keep it “casual and low-key.” Then, on Jan. 17, Page Six published photos of the pair bowling together. While an eyewitness apparently told the publication that they were “making out,” the very PG pics didn’t seem to suggest more than a relaxed outing between friends. 

Gomez’s romantic history has been chronicled by the media for a long time. She had a well-documented romance with singer Justin Bieber in the early 2010s that lasted for years. She’s also been rumored to have dated The Weeknd, Zedd, Nick Jonas, and Taylor Lautner in the past. 

As for Taggart, he was rumored to have recently split from Steve Jobs’ daughter, Eve Jobs, shortly before the rumor about Taggart and Gomez began to circulate. Jobs deleted her Instagram account right after reports on their rumored fling broke. While Jobs deleting her account wasn’t a great sign, it was probably due to the loudness of the online coverage about the situation, especially with it being false.  

With Gomez’s A-list fame and dedicated social media following, it makes sense she should be the one to nip this rumor in the bud for maximum visibility. At least fans learned one thing: Gomez is perfectly happy living the single life!

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