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Keleigh Sperry Teller, Keep Your Hands Off Of My Husband (But Keep Posting TikToks)

Listen up, Keleigh Sperry Teller—you exceptionally beautiful woman, you. If you don’t keep your perfectly manicured hands off of my husband (Miles Teller), I’m gonna lose it. I know that he’s like, your husband and all, but I’m in love with him. So, respectfully, back off. He’s mine!

But please, please don’t stop posting those really cute TikToks on your account.

All jokes aside, the entire internet has been thirsting over Miles Teller thanks to his recent role in Top Gun: Maverick. From slow-mo clips of an oiled up Teller dancing on a beach, to fan-edits of him in his many roles, the girlies have been going feral over the 35-year old Philly native. And while I’m one of the many people who have loved Teller since the beginning (anyone remember the 2011 Footloose remake?), I’ve become even more obsessed with his wife, Keleigh Sperry Teller, and her TikTok account.

Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry have been married since 2019 after meeting at an after-party in 2013. The couple has not only appeared on the red carpet together, but also co-starred in the 2021 music video for I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version). Since the music video, Sperry has been keeping a relatively low-profile. That is, until, Memorial Day weekend.

In what seemed like a response to the Miles Teller renaissance, Sperry swooped onto TikTok for the first time since December 2021 to post a video of her and her husband on the red carpet premiere of Top Gun: Maverick. Since then, the 29-year old model and actress has been participating in the Miles Teller thirst-trend, posting BTS videos of her husband amassing over 4.9 million views.

Sperry’s most viewed TikTok, posted on May 31st, is an edit of her and her husband vacationing in some beautiful hotel in Tahiti. And between the shots of the crystal-blue water and white sand beaches, Sperry adds in clips of Teller swimming, dancing, and goofing off that just make girls like me fall a little bit more in love with this man. But as a cheeky reminder, Sperry starts the video with a clip of her laying with Teller—with her absolute rock of an engagement ring in full display. Girl knows exactly what she’s doing. And I’m here for it. After all, Sperry knows how to take a joke—even tagging her posts of Teller with #tellertok.

But despite the internet thirsting over her husband, in a turn of events, the TellerTok army has been falling more and more in love with Sperry. So much so that her 200k+ fans have been begging her for solo content, completely forgetting about their Teller obsession. And honestly? Me too.

Miles Teller who? I’m a Keleigh Sperry stan now, and I can’t wait to see what she’ll post next. Girl power, right?

julianna is a contributing editor at her campus and surrogate big sister on the internet. she covers all things sex and relationships, wellness, and mental health, as well as dishing out astro content on her weekly "signs of the times." when she's not writing burning hot takes and spilling way too much about her personal life online, you can find julianna anywhere books, beers, and bands are.
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