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Keith From The Try Guys Just Hard Launched His Baby & Fans Are In Tears

Whether you still watch them or not, you’ve probably had a Try Guys phase at some point in your life — or, at least, you heard of them after that whole Ned Fulmer cheating scandal. After Fulmer left the Try Guys, the internet group has been booked, busy, and thriving — not just online, but IRL, too. ICYMI, Keith Habersberger had a baby, and fans (old and new) couldn’t be happier.

On Sept. 25, Habersberger took to Instagram to post a photo of him and his wife, Becky Habersberger, holding a baby with the caption, “Baby baby ❤️.” Additionally, Becky posted the same photo, writing, “Hey baby ❤️.”

NGL, my first thought was that Keith and Becky were posing with a friend’s baby (they are a couple that loves to joke around). However, with close friends of theirs like Eugene Lee Yang, Lauren Riihimaki (LaurDIY), and Keith’s second comedy group Lewberger commenting their congratulations, it’s safe to say that Keith and Becky are finally parents! My middle school heart is absolutely melting right now, y’all.

The Habersbergers have been together for around 12 years. They married in 2017 after six years of dating (their wedding videos are adorable), and haven’t been shy about posting their adorable relationship. While the hard launch of their baby may come as a surprise to many, fans have been digging into Keith and Becky’s Instagrams and noticed that there haven’t been any full-body photos of Becky for several months (and if there were, the baby bump is ingeniously hidden). If keeping a huge announcement on the DL was a sport, give this couple a gold medal.

The Try Guys is a popular internet group founded by Habersberger, Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld, and Eugene Lee Yang that rose to stardom throughout the 2010s. Their videos, produced under Buzzfeed, centered around a regular group of guys who, well, tried things — from testing the legal alcohol limit to training like a UFC fighter. Then, in 2018, the Try Guys announced their departure from BuzzFeed and launched their own channel under their production company, 2nd Try, LLC. For the most part, they stayed out of the mainstream spotlight until 2022, when Fulmer left the company after news of his affair with a coworker went public.

After Fulmer, the Try Guys have had somewhat of a resurgence: Their new videos have millions of views, their channel is expanding to other forms of media (like podcasting), and the remaining members seem to have moved on from the 2022 drama. And now, with the announcement of Keith and Becky’s baby, fans are more engaged than ever — myself included.

Oh, and did I mention they announced it on their wedding anniversary?

Since the announcement, however, fans have been putting together the pieces regarding Becky’s pregnancy timeline.

She really did hide it so well.

All in all, fans are over the moon for Keith and Becky.

Congratulations, Becky and Keith! As a fan since the BuzzFeed days, I’m so happy for you.

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