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Kanye West’s Original ‘Famous’ Lyrics Were Leaked & They’re Even Worse

So you thought we were done talking about Kanye West’s song “Famous”? Of course not. It just wouldn’t be a Kanye West song if we were.

Recently a SoundCloud user uploaded the alleged OG version of “Famous,” which, believe it or not, was even more demeaning to Taylor Swift and also name-dropped Amber Rose. Turns out, on this demo, the lyric was not “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex.” Instead, it was “I feel like Taylor Swift still owe me sex.” In the next verse, West replaces Taylor’s name with Amber Rose’s.

Some other changes include rap verses by Young Thug and Nina Simone singing the hook that Rihanna sings in the released version.

Even though only a few words were changed, the released demo has given Swifties reason to believe that Kanye and Kim were exaggerating the approval they received from Tay regarding the lyrics. Logically, if this demo was recorded with those lyrics, which were definitely not included in the infamous three-minute phone conversation leaked by Kim, then he might have recorded the song before asking Taylor for permission.

Granted, there are plenty of other ways the timeline of creating this song could’ve played out, especially given the way Kanye seems to meticulously go about crafting an album. But ambiguity did not stop some of Tay’s fans from taking to Twitter to put Kanye on blast with the hashtag #kanyewestexposedparty, mimicking the #taylorswiftexposedparty that trended when Kim ratted out Taylor.  

Regardless, the leaked version has since been taken down. But if you’re keeping score, Kanye’s apparently still winning.

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