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College Women on Kamala Harris: ‘She’s Not Perfect, But We Need to Vote’

On Tuesday, Joe Biden announced California Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate heading into November’s presidential election. If Biden wins in the fall, Harris would make history as the nation’s first female, first Black and first Asian American vice president.

College women have long been aware of Harris as a rising political star. In our 2020 pre-election survey, students said she was their second favorite choice for VP behind Elizabeth Warren.

So, we took to Instagram and asked our community: Are you more likely to vote for Joe Biden now that Kamala Harris is his running mate? 70% said yes, they would, but not without nuanced feelings. Young voters are fired up about history-making representation — but they also have strong a desire to hold political leaders accountable for where they fall short.

Below is what college women had to say about Biden-Harris, in their own words.

“I’m not that enthused, but I’m still voting for them. Trump needs to GO.” – Faith

“Not my top choice, but I will still vote for them because they are easily better than Trump.” – Megan

“She publicly denounced [Joe Biden] and called him racist on TV. Why the change?” Peyton

“I don’t really trust her, but I’m still going to vote for Biden.” – Aile

“She’s a cop, but we have no option but to vote Trump out.” – Nadia

“Not a huge fan since she isn’t progressive, but I’m happy for the representation.” – Alana

“Disappointed, but unsurprised.” – Kate

“She’s a moderate person of color, so perfect for Biden’s politics.” – Lindsey

“Having a woman POC (!!) says a lot and will appeal to a larger audience.” – Hannah

“She’s not perfect, but we need to vote for her. And then hold her and Biden accountable.” – Iesha

“Her record isn’t the best, but she’s making history!” – Emma

“Happy Biden picked her! She’s very smart and a go-getter.” – Morgan

“I personally am all for having a woman who is a strong role model as VP!” – Catherine

“I’m happy that we have a strong woman of color representing us. It is a vital step.” – Eden

“So excited! She was my presidential choice!” – Dayna

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