College Women Hope Elizabeth Warren Is Biden's Vice Presidential Choice

According to Her Campus’s pre-election survey, Elizabeth Warren is the preferred candidate as Joe Biden narrows down his pick for vice president. The survey, which polled over 500 students, found that 37% of college women consider Warren the top choice.

Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams were the runners up in the survey, with 22% and 13% of college student support respectively. However, even with their totals combined, Warren outpaced them. The majority write-in responses expressed urgency that Biden choose a Black woman as his running mate.

Many college students are not as enthusiastic about Biden as they have been about past candidates in the race. “Biden offers a slightly better future than Trump,” one student wrote in, while another said, “He is the lesser of two evils.” 

A newly published study from Monmouth University shows that as many as one-third of liberals have a negative view of Biden. Young voters are looking for reassurance that he will make the right decisions, and choosing the right woman as his running mate will bolster his case.