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J.K. Rowling is Horrified at the Thought of President Trump

J.K. Rowling has never been one to stay silent. When she feels strongly, you can expect her opinion to be voiced with the characteristic clarity and wit we’ve all come to expect of the creator of Harry, Ron and Hermione. 

It looks like Rowling’s been watching the American presidential race from across the pond—and shuddering. In a post published to her website Monday, she described Donald Trump as an “unstable nightclub bouncer” and a “fascist in all but name.” She expressed her dread by pointing out that “He achieved this pre-eminence by proposing crude, unworkable solutions to complex threats. Terrorism? ‘Ban all Muslims!’ Immigration? ‘Build a wall!'” She also asserted that he “jeers at violence when it breaks out at his rallies and wears his disdain for women and minorities with pride.” And of course, she voices the one fear we all have: “His stubby fingers are currently within horrifyingly close reach of America’s nuclear codes.”

Rowling used her portrait of Trump as an argument against the UK’s leaving the European Union. Leaving would demonstrate the “arrogance of a bunch of mini-Trumps,” and said that instead, she believes in “cooperation and collaboration.”  

Rowling concluded her portrait of Trump with a simple “God help America. God help us all.” Now that’s pretty scary coming from the creator of Lord Voldemort. 

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