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Jessica Biel Shared The Best ‘7th Heaven’ Throwback In Honor Of Beverly Mitchell’s Birthday

Our beloved Lucy, I mean Beverly Mitchell, recently turned 38 years young and to celebrate, long-time BFF and former on-screen sister, Jessica Biel, shared the throwback photo of the century.

In an Instagram post of the pair from their adventures on the set of 7th Heaven, Jessica wrote, “I was in a #Limetown work vortex yesterday, which is the only reason on earth I’d miss posting about my sister from another mister’s birthday! HBD, @beverleymitchell!”

So sweet!

7th Heaven was a fabulous family drama that premiered back in 1996. It followed the lives of Reverend Eric Camden, Annie Camden, his wife, and their seven children. The show aired for a whopping 11 seasons, before its series finale aired on May 13, 2007. 

Jessica and Beverly were cast as two of the sisters in the Camden family. Jessica played Mary Camden, the second oldest child, while Beverly played Lucy, the third Camden child. The pair met on the set back in 1996 and have been friends ever since. These on-screen sisters became real-life soul sisters and are inseparable. Jessica was even a bridesmaids for Beverly’s 2008 wedding.

This throwback proves that friendships really can last a lifetime—even if a series doesn’t. 

Happy belated birthday, Beverly!

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