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Get Your GTL On With These ‘Jersey Shore’ Theme Party Costume Ideas

Are you ready to get crazy and get wild with these Jersey Shore theme party costume ideas? By throwing or attending a Jersey Shore-themed party, you get to really go above and beyond by showing off your Y2K style, pulling out the pieces you’ve had stuffed away in the back of your closet since 2012. There’s no such thing as too much when it comes to your costume, or how big your hair can be. (Think of Mean Girls when Damian says that Gretchen’s hair is so big and full of secrets. This can definitely be applied to Jersey Shore and its drama). This is your chance to really go big or go home, and an excuse to pull out some of your skimpiest clothing. With that being said, I’ve compiled a list of five essential costume pieces you need if you’re partaking in a Jersey Shore theme party.

Big Hoop earrings

It’s not a night out in Jersey unless you’ve got your hoop earrings. In this case, the bigger the hoop, the better. If you’re not struggling to keep your head up straight because of your earrings by the end of the night, then you’re doing it wrong. Some of the best places to find hoops bigger than your face include EVRY JEWELS, H&M, and Amazon. All of these pieces are on the less expensive side, so it’s OK if you have to take them off to throw hands like JWoww at Karma. (Just kidding, of course.)

Leopard Print

Say goodbye to solid cocktail dresses and hello to animal prints (in this case, leopard print is what you want to lean more toward). When attending such a big themed party, you’re going to want to be the center of attention, the same way people are in this reality TV show. To achieve this, you’re going to want to find the loudest leopard print dress you can find and rock the hell out of it. Bonus points if it’s a tight skimpy dress, too. The best place I’ve found that captures this look perfectly is on SHEIN. However, if you’re really trying to channel your inner Snooki, go for this dress from H&M!

Chunky Sunglasses

Next up are the sunglasses that will hopefully cure your morning hangover. Oversized sunglasses glasses are seen frequently throughout Jersey Shore, and this is your opportunity to buy yourself a pair so you can block the haters out left and right. More bonus points if you bedazzle them in rhinestones. Check out these websites for the perfect oversized sunglasses: Pretty Little Thing or Urban Outfitters

Push-Up Bra

Yes, you read that right: push up bras. Dig through your closet from when you were 15 years old and pull out your Victoria Secret Bombshell. When I tell you Jersey Shore takes “tits out” to a new level, I genuinely mean it. 

Jean Shorts

Finally, it’s time to bring back distressed denim shorts. The shorter, the more on-theme, and make them as distressed as possible. Add a chunky belt for an even bigger emphasis! Low-waisted and tiny denim shorts will go perfectly with how hot Jersey is and wanting to stay cool. 

Sabrina Bernard

Queen's U '25

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