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Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up About Her Nude Photo Leak & How It Still Affects Her Today

As dozens of celebrity women come forward to share their stories of sexual harassment and assault, Jennifer Lawrence has decided to revisit a past scandal of her own. In 2014, nude photos of the actress were stolen from her phone and leaked online. Years after the hack went viral, the actress continues to struggle with the disgusting invasion of her privacy, Marie Claire reports.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer admitted that the aftermath of the nude photo leak still stings to this day. “When the hacking thing happened, it was so unbelievably violating that you can’t even put it into words. I think that I’m still actually processing it,” she said. “And, I don’t know, I feel like I got gang-banged by the f–king planet—like, there’s not one person in the world that is not capable of seeing these intimate photos of me. You can just be at a barbecue and somebody can just pull them up on their phone. That was a really impossible thing to process.” 

Flashback to 2014—the intimate photos were taken for J. Law’s long-distance boyfriend at the time, Nicholas Hoult. After the photos were released, she kept her composure and refused to take legal action because “I was just interested in healing,” she explained. “None of that was gonna really bring me peace, none of that was gonna bring my nude body back to me and Nic, the person that they were intended for. It wasn’t gonna bring any of that back. So I wasn’t interested in suing everybody.”

Lawrence still struggles to make peace with the incident. A single click turned into years of unnecessary heartache for the victim, and the healing process is far from over. “I think, like, a year and a half ago, somebody said something to me about how I was ‘a good role model for girls,’ and I had to go into the bathroom and sob because I felt like an impostor—I felt like, ‘I can’t believe somebody still feels that way after what happened.’ It’s so many different things to process when you’ve been violated like that.”

No one deserves for their privacy to be compromised, even the most famous of celebrities. What happened to J. Law is heartbreakingly unfair, to say the least, but by the looks of her impressive career and stellar personality, her spirits have not shattered. 

Courtney is a Pop Culture Blogger for Her Campus National and contributor to the Her Campus Marist College chapter. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications, is an avid feminist and eventual professional journalist.
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