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Jacob Elordi Is Being Called “Babygirl” & There’s A Reason Why

On Jan. 20, Jacob Elordi hosted a brand new episode of Saturday Night Live with Reneé Rapp as the musical guest, so of course, moments from the show instantly went viral. Aside from Reneé stans going feral over her live performances of “Not My Fault” featuring Megan Thee Stallion and “Snow Angel,” many still can’t get over the singer and Bowen Yang calling Elordi “babygirl” during an SNL teaser.

ICYMI, the promo video featured Rapp and Yang as they joined Elordi while he announced his hosting gig. After Elordi’s announcement, both Rapp and Yang labeled the actor as “babygirl.” “Reneé, you were so right. He is so baby girl,” Yang said before Rapp responded, “I know. That’s what I said. He is so baby girl.”

This leads the Euphoria actor to ask, “Me? I’m a baby girl? So what’s Reneé?”

“Oh, I’m mother,” Rapp said before Yang declared, “And I’m big, wrinkly son!”

Now, some might be wondering: Why did Rapp and Yang call Elordi a “babygirl” and what exactly does this term mean when aimed at a man? Allow me to elaborate.

Before Gen Z came along, the term “babygirl” was often used as a somewhat term of endearment toward young girls and women. However, in recent years, it’s developed into a whole new slang term that online users will use to describe a male actor or character who’s extremely attractive but in a “softer more lighthearted way.”

According to TikTok user @brandnamegenerator, “The term babygirl transcends gender but historically, it’s referred to big gruff, could kill you manly men and the fandom is like, ‘Oh, look at him. He’s so cute. I want to put him in my pocket.'”

There’s no denying that Jacob Elordi is very attractive but what ultimately makes him fall into the “babygirl” category is that he’s played characters that “have the fandom in a loving chokehold.”

A popular TikTok argues that a “babygirl” should have two of three things: “Eyes, cries, and war crimes. They have beautiful eyes, they’ve cried onscreen, they’ve committed atrocities.”

Those who’ve been following Elordi’s career know that he starred in his two biggest films to date in 2023: playing Elvis Presley in Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla and the irresistible Felix in Saltburn. The Australian actor is also a regular on HBO’s Euphoria, in which he plays the popular, yet extremely toxic Nate Jacobs.

According to NBC, the term “babygirl” can be used to describe two types of men: the ones people “perceive as vulnerable and submissive,” or “brooding, surly men.”

Sylvia Sierra, an assistant professor of Communication and Rhetorical Studies at Syracuse University, told NBC that this term is used in “a positive way, like you’re highlighting favorable qualities in a man.”

Although Elordi has played some not-so-likable characters in the past (cough, cough Nate), his real-life personality gives off major “babygirl” vibes and I can now see why Rapp and Yang called him this.

From his SNL hosting gig, it’s clear just how cute and oh-so-lovable Elordi really is, and moving forward, I will refer to him as “babygirl” and nothing else.

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