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It’s Not Too Late To Get Free Queso At Chipotle & All You Gotta Do Is Dress ‘Cheesey’

Free queso is being offered at Chipotle on Tuesday (Dec 12) — and all you have to do is wear your cheesiest sweater. According to the chain’s website, at participating locations tomorrow, the cheesy-dip will be served for no addition charge with the purchase of a regular-priced entrée to folks who dress “cheesy.” (Whatever the heck that means.)

“[W]e’ll hook you up with FREE QUESO on your entrée when you buy a burrito, bowl, salad, or order of tacos,” the website said. “What do we mean by cheesy, you ask? Well, just like your burrito order, it’s what you make of it. (Surprise us.)”

Hey, if you wear your cheesiest sweater to Chipotle on Tuesday, December 12th, we’ll hook you up with FREE QUESO when you buy an entrée. Check it out: https://t.co/ttuKVrjlZt pic.twitter.com/Uz3wDSKs66

— Chipotle (@ChipotleTweets) December 6, 2017

Chipotle hasn’t had the best run with its attempts at queso. Customers went to Twitter to call the all-natural dip anything from “gritty” to tasting “like crayons” after the first batch came out in September. There was even one tweet with a video of a lady throwing out the queso, captioned “the best way to eat Chipotle queso…”

The company responded to a few of the displeased customers, stating that their queso is different because of the use of only real ingredients and that they “like that difference.” But Chipotle had promised to “keep working on it,” in a tweet from September. And they seemed to have. They went behind the scenes and changed their recipe—and it’s apparently for the better.

“Back when we first launched queso, we said we’d continue to tweak the recipe, and that’s exactly what we’ve done,” a Chipotle spokesperson told The Daily Meal. “Chipotle’s queso is creamier but still has a really delicious flavor and is still made with all real ingredients.”

According to the test-tasters, the new queso recipe is “substantially less grainy” and has an “even, overall heat.”

This is all in the wake of Chipotle trying to regain its customers’ trust from its numerous, multi-state E. coli outbreak within the past two years. The offer is good for in-restaurant orders only and may be used once per customer. Happy cheesing!

Monica Sager is a freelance writer from Clark University, where she is pursuing a double major in psychology and self-designed journalism with a minor in English. She wants to become an investigative journalist to combat and highlight humanitarian issues. Monica has previously been published in The Pottstown Mercury, The Week UK, Worcester Telegram and Gazette and even The Boston Globe. Read more of Monica’s previous work on her Twitter @MonicaSager3.
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