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Let’s Not Get Ahead Of Ourselves: ‘Sunrise On The Reaping’ May Not Be About Who We Thought

Are you hungry for some more Hunger Games news? I know that I am. On June 6, Hunger Games writer, Suzanne Collins, announced that there will be a fifth addition to the bestselling young adult dystopian book series. And, fans are excited for the appearance of a certain character that might make an epic comeback in this new installment. But is Sunrise On The Reaping going to be about Haymitch?

Are you a fan of the fierce and fearless Katniss Everdeen? If so, you’re probably familiar with her advisor, the legendary Haymitch Abernathy. He is not just a mentor — he’s the victor of the series’ infamous Second Quarter Quell, also known as the 50th Hunger Games. Haymitch has always been a fascinating character, and fans have long dreamed about his younger days

After this shocking announcement, it seems like author Collins is finally giving her readers a glimpse into his past, both in a new book and an upcoming movie. Even though fans know that Sunrise On The Reaping will focus on revisiting the world of Panem twenty-four years before Katniss volunteered as tribute, they might not realize how the book does not follow one of their fave HG characters.

It is catching some fire that Suzanne might have a different route for the reaping. While fans can’t fathom the story being about anything other than Abernathy, but in a previous interview with the author, Collins explained that she didn’t want to rehash Haymitch’s journey from his Hunger Games. She mentioned that unless she has something new to say, she prefers not to write it. And Collins feels Haymitch’s story might already be complete, or so she says. 

Instead, this new saga will explore themes of “implicit submission” and how easily the “the many are governed by the few.” Inspired by today’s misinformation movement within American politics, Collins is eager to delve into the power of propaganda and who really controls the narrative. Since the question of what is real and what isn’t is so pressing in today’s climate, Haymitch might not be getting the spotlight fans eagerly hoped for.

When it comes to political savvy, Haymitch might not be the textbook example. Sure, he knows how to navigate society’s systems, but he’s also been known to color outside the lines. Is he the go-to person for discussing propaganda? Probably not. He’s always had a healthy dose of skepticism, which could make him less likely to fall for Panem’s manipulation during the Hunger Games. But he’s not the only one with insights from that era. President Coin, Plutarch, and even Tigress can all bring their own perspectives to the table.

There’s a lot to unpack here, and it’s not just about who lived through the 50th reaping — it’s about whose voice we choose to listen to now. And what about the possibility of introducing a new character? Someone who offers a fresh take on Panem’s propaganda, whether they become someone who really buys into it or not. This could completely bring a whole new dynamic to the conversation and challenge our perspectives in the most unexpected ways. Or, we could all be freaking out over nothing, and soon see a book that’s all about our favorite Hunger Games mentor. Who knows!

While fans know that there will be some of Haymitch in the story as it kicks off with the morning of the Second Quarter Quell reaping, he might not be super relevant to the story overall. Although there’s a thirst for more Haymitch details, the wait until March 18, 2025 will only heighten your hunger.

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