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The Internet *Really* Wants Young Haymitch To Be, Like, Super Hot In The New ‘Hunger Games’ Movie

In case you missed it, Suzanne Collins has announced a new prequel in the Hunger Games series that will be released on March 18, 2025. BRB, I’m running to preorder it. The fifth book in the dystopian series, Sunrise On The Reaping, will focus on the 50th anniversary of the rebellion and the second quarter quell. For the Hunger Games fans out there, you read that right: we are finally getting a story for young Haymitch. 

But that’s not all that was released. On June 6, Lionsgate announced the movie adaptation will be released on November 20, 2026. This news is obviously sending the internet into a spiral, and I don’t blame ‘em. 

In case you have forgotten the 50th Hunger Games was super important because the arena was made to be a paradise, giving Haymitch an advantage while the other tributes stood in awe — and that’s all I’m going to tell you. Set 24 years before Katniss Everdeen, Sunrise On The Reaping is a new story in the Hunger Games universe. Enter the fan edits and fan casts because a huge question remains: who will play a young Haymitch Abernathy? Well, according to the internet, he has to be hot.

After the success of “Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” it’s not shocking people are focused on who will star as Haymitch. Especially since the internet (myself included) went crazy over Tom Blyth as a young President Snow, I mean the scene at the lake? Obsessed. 

And some fans are focused on whether he will reprise his role in the new movie — and, I mean, cross your fingers.

So who will play Haymitch in the movie? It’s a little soon for the cast to be announced, but the internet has some theories already. 

Some fans are hoping that Josh Hutcherson will show up to the Games again, but this one is unlikely, IMO, since he is known for his role as Peeta in the OG Hunger Games series. 

Known for his role as David Von Erich in The Iron Claw, fans think Harris Dickinson is the perfect, rough-around-the-edges choice to play Haymitch. 

Then, there are the Tom Holland truthers. (Spiderman is that you?) It would be pretty cool to see Queens’ favorite vigilante in a dystopian role for sure. 

Last but not least, between Saltburn and Priscilla, Jacob Elordi has definitely been busy. Bu,t add a little bleach to that hair and he could be a perfect Haymitch. 

If you need me I’ll be researching hot 20-something actors for my own fancast. But, who do you want to see play a young Haymitch? 

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