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Is Ayo Edebiri Single? Here’s Her Full Dating History

Ayo Edebiri has captured the hearts of many with her lovable character on Hulu’s smash hit The Bear. The chemistry between Edebiri and her cast mates is so impressive that fans have linked Edebiri to her on-screen sous chef, Jeremy Allen White, also known as Carmen Berzatto. The pair are just friends, though, Besties!

As we approach the Season 3 premiere on June 27, fans grow eager and even more interested in the off-screen lives of The Bear cast… especially Ms. Edebiri. The 28-year-old actress keeps her life pretty private and offline, but I did a bit of digging and found out a few things about her past and current relationships. 


According to Grazia, Edebiri has been dating actor and writer Colin Burgess for a while. Burgess posted Edebiri back in September 2022 with the caption, “I went to the Emmy’s grid post … congrats to my gf Ayo on presenting her first Emmy… thank you @J.mueser for the tuxedo.” The pair also have an adorable photo from Valentine’s Day 2021 showing off their self-care moment in sheet masks. 

The two seem to have a pretty private relationship and keep most things offline. With the photos we do have of the couple, no one can deny how cute they are together. As for whether or not they’re still dating, there hasn’t been any news of a breakup. But given how private their are, we’ll probably never know regardless. 


After a viral photo of  Edebiri and Paul Mescal made its way across the internet, fans were convinced the two were dating. The Instagram photo was posted by Edebiri and captioned, “Happy St. Paddy’s,”  a play on the internet inside joke that Edebiri is Irish (she’s not). There have been rumors swarming about the two possibly starring in a Rom-com together.

In a November 2023 interview with Awards Watch, Mescal said he’d be interested in working with Ayo if given the opportunity. Mescal said, “But I think in the next five years I’m going to set myself a challenge to do maybe a rom-com with Ayo, or something like that would be cool.” If we’re lucky, we may see these two on screen together, but as far as IRL dating, there has been no confirmation. 

Although Edebriri’s personal life stays out of the spotlight, we’ll soon have her and the rest of The Bear crew back on our screens super soon and that’s a win in my book. In an official synopsis of the new season, it’s been revealed that Season 3 will follow Carmy (White), Sydney (Edebriri), and Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) “as they do what it takes to elevate The Bear, their beef stand turned fine-dining establishment, to the highest level, all while doing their best just to stay in business.” The anticipation is already killing me. 

Be sure to catch what happens next on Hulu and check back here for live updates on the show. 

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