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The Internet Is Obsessed With These Fake Melania Trump Conspiracy Theories

There’s a conspiracy making waves through the internet that Melania Trump isn’t Melania Trump. Don’t worry, this isn’t another remake to the Invasion of the Body Snatchers (probably), but The Washington Post explains the origins of the theory. 

The conspiracy started with one man, who apparently thinks Melania looks like a completely different person because she put on a pair of sunglasses. Joe Vargas tweeted on Tuesday, “This is not Melania. To Think they would go this far & try & make us think its her on TV is mind blowing. Makes me wonder what else is a lie.”

He also has a long list of reciepts that somehow prove this mystery woman isn’t President Donald Trump’s wife. While this man — who might think his own SO is an intruder whenever they get a simple haircut — might seem a little under-qualified to be a detective, let’s hear him out.

In Vargas’ comparison you can notice the difference between the “two women” is very subtle, almost as if they’re the same person. In the photo you can see that the “fake” Melania’s nose is a bit different than the “real” Melania’s nose (almost as if there were nose pads, from say sunglasses, constricting the bridge of her nose).

The New York Post elaborates that in the video, which was filmed outside the White House, Donald Trump mentions his “wife Melania, who happens to be standing right here.” Maybe the President is trying to convince the citizens that this doppelgänger is really Melania, which could explain why he didn’t let her talk about the committee that she’s really passionate about (because this poser hasn’t mastered Melania’s voice yet). But what happened to the real Melania?

Regardless, Vargas isn’t the only person who isn’t fooled by this imposter. Some Twitter users have even commented on the difference in height (because heels definitely don’t exist. Nope.)

BuzzFeed mentions that this isn’t the first time body double conspiracies have captivated the internet. During the 2016 presidential elections, many Twitter users believed that Hillary Clinton was also using a decoy.

Could this be Melania’s body double? Does Donald know that this woman isn’t his wife? Were the distressed Melania Trump conspiracies right all along, and Melania was secretly terrified of being replaced by this imposter? Does this mean that Donald Trump isn’t actually Donald Trump either? Hopefully, these conspiracy theorists will get to the bottom of this soon—because the U.S. citizens deserve answers.


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