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The Internet Had To Let Elon Musk Know That The Boring Company’s Latest Mass Transit Pitch Is Pretty Much Just A Fancy Rich People Bus Stop

Elon Musk and the Boring Company are pretty well-known for their innovations like SpaceX that push us towards the future of technology. Their latest much-hyped idea, however, has been met with a collective eye roll from the Internet for it’s similarity to the run-of-the-mill bus stop.

According to Wired, “the Loop” is the title for this bus stop-like system of transportation. The Loop would include pods that take on 8 to 16 passengers at street level, but sinks to a tunnel underground to bring them to their destination.

However, Wired noted some of the key differences between the Loop and traditional mass transit. These differences included numerous parking lot sized stations that take pods full of passengers almost directly to their destinations instead of the large subway stations that usually require a bit of walking. 

So, the Loop is essentially an underground bus system. The internet caught on to that pretty quickly and reminded Musk what a bus stop is and why this may not be the Boring Company’s most innovative plan.

Musk was quick to defend the Loop.“You could say it’s a 150mph, underground, autonomous, electric bus that automatically switches between tunnels and lifts,” Musk said, according to The Register. Musk is known for his dislike of traditional systems for public transportation, so the Loop seems to try to correct some of his biggest issues with it. 

The Register highlighted one of Musk’s biggest critics, Jarrett Walker, who has called the ideology behind the Boring Company “elite projection” because of Musk’s insistence on providing luxuries to cities that only the rich will be able to afford. 

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