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valentine\'s day instagram features
valentine\'s day instagram features
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Instagram Has A Ton Of Easter Eggs Hidden In The App For Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day, and people around the world are gearing up to enjoy a day full of love. Whether you’re spending the day with your partner, your loved ones, or your four-legged friends, V-Day is a great reminder to show some love to the people you care about. This year, Instagram is making that easier than ever! The app has rolled out several new features for Feb. 14 for iOS users, so that you can show all of the people you follow some extra love. Read all about the new Valentine-themed Easter Eggs, then hop over to Instagram to try them out yourself!

Valentine’s Day Story Quick Reactions

Quick Reactions are an easy way to react to a friend’s Instagram Story — you may have gotten a fire emoji reaction to a selfie or a clapping hands on your latest accomplishment before in your Stories. On Valentine’s Day, Instagram is switching the Quick Reactions to six love-themed emojis for iOS users. Have fun sending heart-hands to your friends or a heart on fire to your SO, but make sure to do it quickly! These Reactions are available for one day only.

Animations in DMs
valentine\'s day instagram features

As if the new Quick Reactions weren’t adorable enough, Instagram is taking the holiday festivities one step further with animations! When someone reacts to your story with the new Quick Reactions, you’ll get an animation in your DMs if you use iOS. While animations have been used for Quick Reactions before, these Valentine-themed messages are sure to be extra special.

Story Viewer Love

Another Valentine’s Day feature Instagram added for iOS was an animation for each emoji reaction to your Stories that you get from your followers. You can see this feature when you check who viewed your Stories. (So shame, we’ve all been there!)

Instagram has always provided the best Valentine’s Day features. In fact, Feb. 14, 2022 was the day the app started rolling out private Story likes! With so many new features, plus limited time love-themed stickers for Stories and Reels, Instagram is the perfect place to share some love with your friends, family, or SO. Go try out the new features, and keep an eye on the app in the future to see what else they have in store for the holidays!

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