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Incredible Bore Clive is Finally Gone from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, But I Am Not Here For Maggie’s New Beau

This week’s “Game’s People Play” hit at least TWO major points of contention for me in the current Grey’s Anatomy universe: Maggie’s sort-of boyfriend Clive, whose departure I’ve been eagerly awaiting, and Maggie and Jackson’s will they or won’t they? God, I wish they wouldn’t.

The episode opened with Maggie and Clive in bed, ready to sneak him out passed the kids. “I feel so dirty, like a dirty, dirty secret. …you’re married, aren’t you?” Maggie was appalled when he asked, of course, but quickly realized he was joking around. That evening, the girls hosted a game night to give Meredith and Amelia a chance to feel Clive out, and Maggie spent the entire time trying to ensure everyone liked Clive (or maybe to convince them that she did?), laughing way too hard at nearly everything he said. I could not wait for him to go, and my wishes came true all too soon when the night was interrupted by Clive’s wife, who revealed that he did something like this every time she left town. I already knew Clive was a tool thanks to his flat characterization, but I can’t believe the audacity in calling himself the dirty secret. What a piece of shit.

Of course that couldn’t be the only relationship disaster (depending on who you are) of the episode, or even for the girl. Throughout the day, the unsubtle nods to Maggie and Jackson’s weird… thing… that we’ve become accustomed to continued. Patients questioned the tension between them, there were odd, suggestive conversations over surgeries, and during introductions to Jackson’s own date for game night, a drunk April called them “a thing.” The innuendos have been dragged out for so long that the awkwardness isn’t even funny anymore.

Look. Maggie is cute af. Jackson? Cute A. F. They’re both characters I love, but putting them together drives me nuts. And it’s not the stepsibling thing, which seems to freak a lot of people out (though given that their biological parents got together when they were full grown adults, before the two had ever even met, and given that Richard didn’t raise Maggie, you really can’t call them siblings either way). I honestly can’t tell you what it is, but there’s just something off about that pairing. Please tell me I’m not the only one?

The ancient plotline stringing viewers along finally came to a head when Jackson kicked Clive out, telling him to lose Maggie’s number and comforting her when she called herself a homewrecker. I love him. He’s so good to the people he loves, the friends that became his family, but taking it farther than that puts me off something fierce. I thought we were in the clear when he left to take his date home, but when he came back later to check on her, he revealed that he had put an end to it, asked to take Maggie out on a proper date, and the two launched into a makeout sesh that had me begging for it to end. While I am so happy Clive is gone, I am NOT here for this.

Can anyone change my mind?

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