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It Takes Two To Tango In The ‘Baby, I’m A Gangster Too’ TikTok Trend

If you’re on TikTok 24/7 like me, you’ve most likely encountered the sultry soundbite of Lana Del Rey crooning, “Baby, I’m a gangster too, and it takes two to tango.” Sound familiar? Allow me to introduce you to the ‘Baby, I’m A Gangster Too’ TikTok trend, AKA one of the most popular to hit my FYP recently. Like Lana herself, the trend oozes effortlessly cool, confident vibes, and it’s the perfect way to send a clear signal to the world that you are not to be messed with. In other words, you’re a gangster, too.

The trend uses a clip from Lana’s song “Jealous Girl,” which was never officially released, but apparently got leaked in 2012. Supposedly, you can hear the final version on Soundcloud, and based on the obvious praise in the comments section, I’m just wondering — Lana, what’s the holdup? Give the people what they want. In the portion of the song that’s trending on TikTok, you’ll hear the lyrics “Baby, I’m a gangster too/And it takes two to tango/You don’t want to dance with me/Dance with me.” TBH, it’s my new anthem, and gives me major Gatsby vibes.

Let’s dive into the trend with this genius example from Sarah Prew on TikTok, whose video says “When they think raising their voice is intimidating but you’ve done math HW with your dad” synced with the trending audio from queen Lana. Sarah, I’m applauding. Not only am I having flashbacks to doing geometry with my dad (and sobbing) growing up, but I’m here for the reframe that my math class woes were simply part of gangster training. Sarah’s take on the TikTok trend is relatable, clever, and makes excellent use of Lana’s audio. A+.

To try the ‘Baby, I’m A Gangster Too’ TikTok trend yourself, think of something that gives you a little “street cred,” whether it’s the fact that you grew up with sisters so mean girls no longer faze you (believe me, it’s a science) or the fact that you’re a Capricorn, therefore, you simply cannot be manipulated because you catch onto other people’s games first. Maybe your friend is complaining about her siblings, but you’ve already been there, done that since yours stabbed you with a pencil one too many times. Then, add a caption to tell us why you’re a gangster, and sync your video with the trending audio

Like many popular TikTok trends, remember, this can be interpreted in a variety of ways beyond simply bragging about how tough you are. Check out this version from Jamie Lyn whose toddler is literally planning to overthrow the family vacation, or this version from Kat, who, when asked if she’s worried about her SO seeing other people, proceeds to sip champagne on a private helicopter ride, completely unbothered. Gangster behavior, indeed.

Yesterday, JoJo Siwa hopped on the trend with a version that says, “Think you can make me cry…probably can. Just yell at me.” In this fun example, a guy tries to steal $3,000 from TikToker ThirdEyeLiving, to which she responds by becoming an international super spy and figuring out his true identity. Her caption: “Don’t mess with a Virgo — our FBI skills are ELITE!” I love how the many versions of “Baby, I’m A Gangster Too” are serious, sarcastic, and even savage, like this one from TikToker Kim Caputo who gets revenge on her friend’s ex, or the one from a McDonald’s employee who puts sweet and sour sauce on a rude customer’s caramel latte. Yikes. (Also, just be nice to people in the service industry, okay?!)

Right now, the hashtag #BabyImAGangstaToo has 21 million views on TikTok, and the trending audio has been used in over 400,000 videos. And like many of the successful TikTok trends I’ve seen recently, the trend capitalizes on a magical formula: utilize a catchy song, tap into a relatable feeling, and logistically, make the video relatively easy to execute. So, the next time you want to tell people not to mess with you, remind them who you are with this Lana del Rey-inspired TikTok trend. No matter what life throws at you this week, remember baby, you’re a gangster, too.

Tianna is an Associate Editor at Her Campus Media HQ where she covers all things pop culture, entertainment, wellness, and TikTok trends. She graduated from North Carolina State University and received her masters from Columbia University. Tianna currently lives in New York City where you can find her sipping coffee, practicing yoga, and singing show tunes.
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