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If the Super Bowl Goes Into Overtime, Buffalo Wild Wings Will Give Away Free Wings

With Super Bowl LIII just around the corner, football fans across America are preparing to watch the big game, laugh at all the Super Bowl ads and chow down on some good food.

And Super Bowl Sunday is Buffalo Wild Wings’ most busiest day of the year, with football bans crowding in to watch the big game on the popular wing joint’s plethora of televisions, all while eating some delicious wings.

Lucky for us, whether we choose to root for our favorite team at BWW or not, you could score some free wings, depending on the outcome of the game. If the Super Bowl goes into overtime, BWW will give everyone (yes, everyone) a free, snack-sized order of wings. Touchdown!

According to Delish, you can get your free wings traditional or boneless style, but you will have to wait. This delicious promotion will take place on February 18th from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time, and the promotion is good for one free order of wings per customer.

But if wings aren’t your thing (that’s OK, we don’t judge), there are other freebies and deals that you can score on or after game day.

According to Today, Hardee’s is giving away free Made From Scratch Sausage Biscuits to everyone on the February 8th from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. But like the BWW promotion, this one depends on the game, too. According to Hardee’s, there has to be a “biscuit returned to the house,” which basically means that the Los Angeles Rams or the New England Patriots have to return an interception for a touchdown.

And if you’re looking for some good food to chow down on during the game, then here are some super deals for the Super Bowl.

Pizza Hut, one of Super Bowl LIII’s official sponsors, is dishing up some deals for the big game. You can order medium pizzas to boneless wings to desserts from their the $5 lineup, as long as you order two or more. You can also get a large, two-topping pizza for just $8 if purchased online.

For even more pizza deals (because next to wings, pizza is the perfect food for a football game), Domino’s is offering a Mix & Match Deal, where you can get food items for $6 if you purchase two or more, and a combo deal that includes bread, pizza, dessert and soda for only $20. Papa John’s have five different Super Bowl packages to help you with all of your catering, and Blaze Pizza is offering two wood-fired pepperoni pizzas for $10, but you have to order them online, according to Today.

Happy snacking, and enjoy the game!

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