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If Ariana Grande & Demi Lovato Had A Baby, This Teen Is (Probs) What They’d Look Like

No, this isn’t the product of Photoshop, but it sure looks like it! On Saturday, Samantha Rodriguez tweeted a photo of herself at an LGBTQ+ Pride parade in Houston, Texas, that ended up going viral on social media because people think she looks like the love-child of Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato.

Samantha’s original tweet has over 35,000 likes and 3,000 retweets, with many pointing out in replies that she looks like a blend of the two powerful female artists.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, Samantha shared that while she’s been compared to Ariana frequently in the past, the Demi addition was a new one. “I’ve gotten the comment about Ariana quite a lot actually. The Demi comparison was kind of random, I’m assuming because of my chin. I personally don’t see the resemblance to either so all of the attention I’ve gotten is so wild to me,” she said

Luckily, Samantha is a fan of both artists, and appreciates the comparison, even gushing about how Demi is one of her celeb crushes. “I actually love everything about both women and what they stand for,” she said. “They also happen to be extremely gorgeous so to be able to be compared to them both is really an amazing feeling.”

Samantha isn’t the only non-famous person with a celebrity lookalike, take a look at these other celeb doppelgängers who have the internet shook.

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