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Idina Menzel Thinks Donald Trump Should Sing at His Own Inauguration

In the latest drama involving Donald Trump and the infamous election of 2016, it appears that the President-elect is having some trouble finding a singer for his inauguration. Although no one is really surprised that this is the case, Idina Menzel offers a bit of insight from a musical perspective. 

“I think it’s karma, baby, I mean, look: All the artists in the world got up and tried to get our girl [Hillary Clinton] elected, and it still didn’t happen, so we’re all still trying to recover from that,” Menzel told Vanity Fair at Sting and Trudie Styler’s biannual benefit Christmas concert. 

When asked what Mr. Trump can do about this, the star suggested that Trump should just do it himself, as one should. “Maybe he’ll just have to sing something himself. He probably thinks he has a great voice; he thinks he does everything great.” Amen, sister, amen. 

Now, if that were to happen then maybe, just maybe, I would watch Trump get sworn into the most powerful office in the world. 

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